Professor Roy Friedman
George Farkas Academic Chair in Computer Science

I am a professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. My research interests include caching, network monitoring, stream processing, reliable distributed systems, high-availability and fault-tolerance, blockchains, cloud computing, wireless mobile ad hoc network, and middleware.

If you need a good caching solution, I strongly advise to read our recent TinyLFU paper (integrated into the Caffeine Java cache) where we offer a novel cache management scheme, which yielded the best hit ratio among all schemes we have experimented with on all traces we have tested. And like all best things in life, it is totally free — no royalties to pay and an open source reference implementation. It has been integrated into Cassandra , HBaseLinkedIn’s feed Infinispan Accumulo , JIRA, Outbrain, Expedia/Hotel.comSpring ,neo4j , DGraphAllegro , SolrAmplidue ScalaCache SCaffeine ratpackfinagle druid.io Mangocache  the recent GO caching library Ristretto, Rust based Moka, and others.

Here is my list of Publications . Many of them are also available through DBLP. And here is what scholar.google.com thinks are my most cited papers . Also, you can check the list of conferences I am and have been involved with and the journals for which I refereed papers in my list of public activities.

Here is my view about the Blockchain Paradox and Legal Denial of Service (LDoS) attack (which seems to have materialized as I speculated).

A potential alternative carrier path for me?

Short Bio:

I received my D.Sc. from the Department of Computer Science at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. My advisor was Hagit Attiya, and my thesis title was Consistency Conditions for Distributed Shared Memories.

Between 10/2018 and 09/2022 I served as the Technion’s Deputy Vice President for Computing and Information Systems, in charge of the Technion’s IT infrastructure and policies.

I previously spent a great year on sabbatical in INRIA/IRISARennes, France, visiting the ADEPT project and working with Michel Raynal and Michel Hurfin.

In the past, I also spent three years in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University working with Ken Birman and Robbert Van Renesse in the area of distributed systems, mainly on the Horus and Ensemble projects.